Thursday, May 14

15:00 — 16:45

human performance for career longevity

It is no secret that the fire service has a glaring issue with heart disease, cancer, and stroke. Aside from the large amount of

health problems we face, we often ignore or fail to recognize the social impact our job has on us and our relationships. This lecture aims to give firemen of all ranks more information on how making a change today isn’t too late! This lecture covers the human performance components that will help firemen lead long, healthy careers & enjoy their deserved retirements. This course focuses on physical fitness for those of all calibers and directly ties in data collected from workouts that correlate to data collected on the fireground. Furthermore, this course addresses the critical need for sleep, the impact that sleep deprivation has on your body both physically and mentally & how sleep directly correlates with adequate recovery. To conclude this lecture, we will address nutrition and how small changes lead to great results.

Cost: Free

INSTRUCTOR: Zach Schleiffer is a fireman with the Charlotte (NC) Fire Department. Prior to moving to the Queen City, Zach served with the Bonita Springs Fire Control & Rescue District where he was a member of Florida Urban Search and Rescue Task Force 6 and an adjunct instructor at the Fort Myers Fire Academy.