Thursday, May 14

15:00 — 16:45

imperfect pitch: Roof realities and construction conundrums

Whether you're on an engine, truck, or battalion car; whether you're assigned fire attack, search, or ventilation; whether you're riding the tailboard or the command board: Imperfect Pitch is the building construction class you've always wanted.  This is an interactive lecture on roof construction and how it affects firefighting operations.  We'll get into the good, the bad, and the ugly of what keeps the rain out, dispelling myths and misinformation concerning certain roof types and construction materials.  While there is a heavy emphasis on topside work in this class, we will talk about how everyone on scene relies and acts upon an understanding of what's overhead.    Attendees will take home new approaches to discovering and dealing with the odd and unexpected, based upon real-world examples.  In addition to regular fireground diagnostics, students will learn a few gorilla tactics for discovering more about the buildings in their area.    

Cost: Free

INSTRUCTOR: William Knight has been a student of the fire service for 14 year, half of which have been on a truck company.  He is a Driver/Operator for DeKalb County Fire Rescue.  William has been a HOT instructor at MAFFC for the last 5 years, an FDIC classroom presenter, a Magic City Truck Academy instructor, and part of The Highwaymen Truck Company Cadre.  William heads Peach State FireNuggets, the Georgia chapter of the non-profit fire training organization.  He also writes about fire service building construction topics for the Facebook page The Roof Perv.