Wednesday, May 13

13:00 — 14:45

the initial attack line

The initial attack line is the backbone of every fireground operation and will have a greater impact on the outcome of a fire than any other fireground operation. As the first line goes so does the fire – so we must get it right. What is your target flow rate? Does the nozzle match your hose design to create an effective attack package? How do you determine your hoseline selection based on the buildings and conditions that you encounter? How do you estimate the stretch? All of these questions will be answered and discussed during this class. During this class we will also discuss tactical decision making for fires in single family dwellings, multiple family dwellings, commercial and industrial buildings, and standpipe equipped buildings. As well as attic fires, cockloft fires, and basement fires.

Cost: Free

INSTRUCTORS:  Anthony Rowett, Jr. is a Captain with the Mobile (AL) Fire Rescue Department. He was previously a firefighter with the Ogdensburg (NJ) Fire Department. He has multiple degrees in both fire science and emergency services management. He is a graduate of the Alabama Smoke Diver course. He is the owner of Port City Fire Training. He is a contributing author for multiple fire service publications. He has instructed at multiple fire service conferences as well as for individual fire departments. He is also a co-host on the Generation Engine podcast on Fire Engineering Blog Talk Radio.