Friday, May 15 — Saturday, May 16

8 a.m. — 5 p.m. each day

Rig to seat: 1st due engine operations

It’s 4 AM, your 3-4 person Engine crew arrives on the scene of a working fire with possible entrapment. Your next due unit is more than 5 minutes out. You have 6 immediate priorities (size-up, weapon selection/ hose deployment, force entry, search, suppression, and supply.) Effectively handling these situations takes leadership, efficiency, preparation, creativity, knowledge, training, and an aggressive mindset for THEM. All members need to be on the top of their game and work as a cohesive unit. This will only happen with constant preparation and standardizing how you “go to work.” In this class we will cover proven methods and techniques of weapon selection, hose deployment, advancement, suppression, engine based search, and forcible entry based on effectiveness and efficiency. On the first day we will focus heavily on the mechanics of each task to develop and combine these individual tasks into an efficient and fluid "skill set." The "skill set" developed in Day 1 will be put to work in real time, scenario based evolutions on Day 2. 

WHAT YOU'LL NEED: Bunker gear, helmet, gloves, air pack, mask

Cost: $160

INSTRUCTOR: Chris Gilpin started his fire service career in 1998, after serving 5 years in the U.S. Navy. He is currently the Queen City F.O.O.L.'s training trustee, Fire Instructor, and a Company Officer at UTFD (Clermont County, Ohio.) He has spent his career assigned to the busiest companies in Clermont County, Ohio. Chris is also the President/ Co-Owner/ Lead Instructor of First In- Last Out Fire Equipment & Training LLC and a member of the Oathkeepers Engine Instructor Cadre. The Oakthkeepers Engine Cadre is made up of a diverse group of firefighters/ instructors from all over the country varying from large urban, county departments to middle and small sized suburban departments. The Oathkeepers Instructors share experience, passion and understanding of "mastery of the basics" and the efficiency and effectiveness required to "make it happen" in limited staffing scenarios.