Thursday, May 14

Two parts: 8 — 9:30 a.m. & 10 — 11:45 a.m.

it's not rocket science — tactical considerations and actions: understanding the why

You’re riding in the hot seat and need to make effective decisions when you arrive at the fire. More importantly, you better understand why you are doing what you are doing.  We’re going to discuss fire behavior / dynamics, tactical considerations, spot-on size up, and your initial actions in those first 10 minutes. This is an interactive class that requires your participation in discussion and practice with developing your initial radio reports, follow up reports, initial action plan, and putting your plan to work.  We will use videos and tactical simulations in this class to support real world decision-making. 

            The target audience for this class is the company officers and acting officers who are showing up to the fire and expected to make critical decisions.  The decisions and actions taken in the first 10 minutes will determine how the rest of the incident plays out.  Attendees will walk away with increased knowledge, understanding, and confidence in their decisions made on the fire ground.

Cost: Free

INSTRUCTOR: Paul Strong entered the fire service in 1990 and is a Battalion Chief with the Valley Regional Fire Authority in King County, Washington.  Paul has been an educator in the public and private sectors during his time and has served in many capacities and positions in the fire department. He is also an adjunct instructor for the Washington State Fire Training Academy.  Paul’s focus in education is providing energetic programs that keep the audience engaged through interactive participation and thought-provoking delivery.