Thursday, May 14

13:00 — 14:45


This lecture on search focuses on the “why” regarding our behaviors and actions behind search operations, mental preparation for primary search & the subsequent required skillsets that are necessary to be successful. The lecture is separated into operational goals, definitions that aim to bring a common meaning to our fireground operations, means of completion, and the need for the fire department to conduct a search on each incident. The lecture rounds out by addressing skills and tactics that allow firemen to conduct searches in a more effective and efficient manner. While none of this information is new, the hope is that it is organized and presented in a manner that can motivate students and address training issues within their organizations. This lecture should account for 1.5 hours of the student’s time.

Cost: Free

INSTRUCTOR: Zach Schleiffer is a fireman with the Charlotte (NC) Fire Department. Prior to moving to the Queen City, Zach served with the Bonita Springs Fire Control & Rescue District where he was a member of Florida Urban Search and Rescue Task Force 6 and an adjunct instructor at the Fort Myers Fire Academy.