Wednesday, May 13

Two parts: 13:00 — 14:45 & 15:00 — 16:45 

Searchable vs. survivable: educated decision making

In this 4 hour lecture we will be covering statistics and sharing videos to drive home points of why and

when we search. We will also be covering where our searches often fail and where they are successful. We will touch on ways to improve search methods as well as efficiency. Topics covered in this lecture will include:

**VES- Considerations and Beyond the Door Oriented/Anchorman searches

**Search considerations Enhanced thermal imaging

**Importance of sizing up your search Survival spaces
**How bias affects our actions

It is important to understand that before we make any decisions we need to know where our successes have been. In today’s fire environment we simply do not have much time. We must have a system in place for quick decision making of our searches in relation to our fire environment. We must identify our searchable spaces immediately. One way to do this is by using a tactic called “BAG” the fire.

However, there is no singular mode to accomplish this task but rather multiple methods we can employ to enhance the survivability for the unprotected occupant.

This course is about how we search, when to search and what’s the best way to affect our search increasing our odds not only to locate a victim but remove them in the most efficient manner. Let us not forget that life IS and ALWAYS will be our number one priority! It should never be the mindset of “what’s good for us” but rather we MUST concentrate our efforts on what is best for THEM!

At the end of the class the participant should be able to go home with knowledge found from recent studies by the UL as well as statistics being compiled throughout the country and function in a capacity that is more efficient and practical for those assigned to search on a typical residential structure fire. Students should understand that they may need to customize what they learned to their staffing levels of where they work.

There is a HOT Class associated with this lecture for $80.

Cost: Free

INSTRUCTOR: SEAN DUFFY is a 15-year veteran of the fire service and has worked in both County and City departments. He is currently a Firefighter/Paramedic for Pasco County Fire Rescue where he works on the departments West side. He is a co-founder of “Build Your Culture” training group and developed the course entitled “Searchable vs. Survivable- Educational Decision Making on the Fire ground”. He has an Associates in Fire Science and is also a State of Florida Fire Instructor, Fire Officer 1 and Live Fire Training Instructor. Sean serves as a board member and training trustee for his departments FOOLS chapter as well as an instructor within his organization, The Great Florida Fire School and The Worst Fire Conference.