Wednesday, May 13

Two parts: 8 — 9:30 a.m. & 10 — 11:45 a.m.

The tactical edge to fireground operations

Presenting an integrated approach towards understating today’s evolving and demanding fireground, this program incorporates four distinct functional areas and provides a model approach towards enhanced fireground operations, tactical effectiveness, command decisiveness and operational excellence. The Four Focus areas on Reading the Fireground, Reading the Building, Reading the Fire and Reading the Companies with an introduction to the concept of Quantum Tactics and new insights on Human Performance (HU) are presented for optimizing on improved operational capabilities and Gaining the Tactical Edge at today’s fires.

Cost: Free

INSTRUCTOR: A 44-year fire service veteran and a highly regarded national and international instructor, author, lecturer and fire officer, he is a distinguished authority on building sciences and architectural construction issues affecting fireground operations, command and tactics and has traveled extensively throughout the United States and internationally delivering training programs on building performance, construction and firefighting, fireground leadership, command management and operational safety. A former Adjunct Instructor with the National Fire Academy and National Fallen Firefighter (NFFF) Firefighter Safety Advocate, he is a past member of the Board of Directors, IAFC Safety, Health & Survival Section and a past Vice-President with the International Society of Fire Service Instructors. He traveled in 2017 with a prestigious contingent of international instructors to the Kingdom of Bahrain and presented as part of the IAFC's First International Fire Operations Symposium. He serves on the Faculty of the, IAFC Officer Development Program ODP-COLS, Kean University (NJ) New Jersey Division of Fire Safety Training Programs and Massachusetts Fire Academy’s Dept. of Fire Services Sr. Fire Officer Forum as a visiting lecturer. A former architect and fire protection engineer, he was the 1987 ISFSI George D. Post National Fire Instructor of the Year.


He is the Chief of Training for the Command Institute (NY|DC) is a Technical Consultant and Subject Matter Expert to NIOSH (USA) Firefighter Fatality Investigation & Prevention Program and a well-respected Fire Protection, Management and Operations Consultant, researching and developing emerging and cutting edge strategic and tactical operational methodologies, concepts and practices based on fire research to improved fireground operations and firefighter safety and is active in numerous national & international fire service agenda programs and committees. He is the Executive Producer of the, and Co-produces His previously service included Fire Command, Fire Protection & Safety at a US nuclear power plant, over twenty years in field operations & suppression as a commanding company officer in New York and Training & Fire Academy and College academic curricula administration and management.


He has been lecturing nationally for over 35 years, including lecturing at the National Fire Academy, FDIC since 1986, Firehouse Expo since 1988 and Firehouse World and IAFC Fire-Rescue International. He has over twenty years of extensive direct experience in Behavioral Based Safety Program management, Human Performance (HU), Operating Experience and Corrective Action Program implementation, trending and monitoring from within the High Risk-High Consequence Nuclear Generating industry.